We have in person events happening this March, join the movement

Welcome witnesses, change makers, world builders, to Freelance Dancer: The Movement for Dance Workers
Moving together to build the world we want for sustainable careers, for sustainable living.

We are creating a network of artists that are independent but not isolated; meeting artists at all their intersections of their identity.

We are a community aiming to craft practical solutions for the issues that freelance dance workers face. 

We invite you to join this Movement to advocate, campaign, and work to safeguard the dignity and wellbeing of freelance dance artists. 

On this site you will find:

  • Links to campaigns and organisations we support, who are fighting for Freelance Dancers’ Rights
  • Documents and guidance we created to help you navigate a freelance dance career: the Invoice Template and Pay guidance
  • List of Useful Resources from relevant organisations and movements

The Freelance Dancer Movement is a call to action, will you move with us?