June 2023

In response to our series of June 2023 meetings one of our working group members Libby Farrow created a spoken word response which you can listen to below

February 2023 – Freelance Dancer Gathering by Sumi Xiaomei Cheng

  • October 2022 – Working Group Meeting 2 by Libby Farrow

    This was the second discussion group of this series, and indeed the second discussion of it’s ilk I have ever been involved in… I did not know they existed, and before I came to one, I did not know they needed to exist. Around two tables, sit a selection of freelance dance artists, talking about…

  • September 2022 – Being a Dance Artist by Rosy Pigott

    For the first time in my career, I recently sat in a group of 20 other freelance dance artists. When invited to attend I agreed, to quench my curiosity to meet people and contribute to evolving research. When you picture a room of dancers, most people probably conjure up an image of white, middle class,…

  • August 2022 – The Knowledge Cafe

    August 2022 – The Knowledge Cafe

    The first in-person activity for the British Academy Innovation Fellowship was a Knowledge Cafe, held on 13th July at Pervasive Media Studios in Bristol. 21 artists attended, with representation from Equity, One Dance UK, University of Warwick and Coventry University. Professor Dave O’Brien and Dr Roaa Ali set the day up brilliantly with provocations from…