Written Documents

Freelance Dance Artists’ Working Ecology – Project Report

This report is the accumulation of the project methods and findings. It includes policy recommendations and concludes with thoughts for moving the sector forward. The working group of freelance dance artists have been fundamental in shaping this report.

Policy Brief

This policy brief lays out the survey findings from 74 freelance dance artists and their contractual arrangements and working patterns from 2019-2021. Included is information on union membership and the ecology of freelance dance artists set in a wider arts context.

Freelance dance artists exist within the same structures and have similar working conditions as other freelance art workers, but form a higher proportion of the workforce and with particular needs for resources. Their freelance income is also lower on average at £11,669 (Aujla et al, 2019) compared to £16,000 for performing arts freelancers (McDowall et al, 2019). The Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the precarity of the freelance art worker community, the fragility of their working practices, and the consequent weakness of this economic model.